The Audiologist

The Audiologist

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In this episode of our podcast series on Family-Centered Care (FCC), Kris English, Professor Emeritus at the University of Akron, Ohio, USA, tackles difficult conversations and the emotional aspects of Family-Centered Care in audiological practice. How can difficult conversations be turned into therapeutic conversations? In discussion with Dr. Christine Jones, VP Audiology at Phonak US, Kris shares her personal FCC experience with her own family and gives practical tips on how to start involving family members and dealing with challenging communication situations.

Why Family-Centered Care is not a time waster

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What’s the key benefit of Family-Centered Care (FCC) in audiological practice? For Joe Montano, Professor of Audiology at Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, USA, it is clearly the ability to really understand communication issues within a family. He emphasizes that hearing loss not only affects the person with hearing loss but also every significant others. Listen to Joe share his clinical insights and views on FCC with Dr. Christine Jones, VP Audiology at Phonak US.

No need for mixed feelings about Family-Centered Care

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In the first episode of our podcast on audiology, Dr. Christine Jones, VP Audiology at Phonak US, talks to Louise Hickson, Professor of Audiology at University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, and chair of the Phonak Family-Centered Care expert circle. Having researched the role of the family in hearing healthcare for many years, Louise knows: the involvement and support of families is critical for the successful management of hearing loss.

About this podcast

‘The Audiologist’ is a podcast series created by Phonak to offer audiologists and people interested in audiology new perspectives on hearing health topics.

As the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturer, we regularly collaborate with top audiology experts from around the world. We launched this podcast to share their inspiring views and insights from the industry and the latest on research and learning. You will learn from the very best in their respective fields.

So, join us and our guest speakers for a fascinating journey reflecting on the past, present and future of audiology.

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