The Audiologist - A Phonak podcast

The Audiologist - A Phonak podcast

A life-changing decision: Starting the conversation

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Cochlear implants can be life changing for clients with severe and profound hearing loss. But what if the client is hesitant to get a cochlear implant? And which clients are candidates for a cochlear implant? Audiologist Judith Bird, Head of Audiology and Emmeline Centre for Hearing Implants at Cambridge University Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust UK, provides answers to this and further questions around cochlear implants in this episode of our podcast series. In her conversation with Bernadette Fulton, audiology manager for severe to profound hearing loss at Phonak HQ, Judith encourages audiologists to start discussing cochlear implants with their clients before their hearing aids fail.


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About this podcast

‘The Audiologist’ is a podcast series created by Phonak to offer audiologists and people interested in audiology new perspectives on hearing health topics.

As the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturer, we regularly collaborate with top audiology experts from around the world. We launched this podcast to share their inspiring views and insights from the industry and the latest on research and learning. You will learn from the very best in their respective fields.

So, join us and our guest speakers for a fascinating journey reflecting on the past, present and future of audiology.

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